You are currently viewing CHW reports COVID-19 cases in Coos County remain at a high level

CHW reports COVID-19 cases in Coos County remain at a high level

COVID-19 cases in Coos County remain at a high level due to the highly contagious variants we currently see in our communities. Coos Health & Wellness would like the public to consider the preventative measures that are available to reduce the spread of this virus. These measures are simple, effective, and highly recommended.

Here are some recommendations to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your coworkers:

  1. Wear a mask indoors, when not feeling well, and in large groups. This is especially important for individuals at increased risk due to underlying conditions.
  2. Wash your hands well.
  3. Maintain social distance in groups.
  4. Get vaccinated and keep up to date with your boosters. Even if new variants arise this will help keep yourimmune system ready to fight and prevent severe illness.
  5. Keep at-home tests ready in your cabinet.
  6. For any illness, be mindful about not going to work if you do not feel well.
  7. For employers, consider moving workers to remote work if/when possible. Re-evaluate PTO/Sick leave policies that reduce the risk of workers feeling obligated to come to work.
  8. If you were recently positive for COVID-19, please wear a mask around others 5 days after recovery as aprecaution.
  9. Continue to educate yourself on the most up-to-date information. Follow Coos Health & Wellness for newguidance and all other information we share to prevent disease and injuries.
  10. Understand your risk and use precautions moving forward.

Free COVID-19 home test kits are available at all local libraries, please contact your nearest library for additional information or to pick up a test kit.

To find additional information related to vaccines or to book an appointment for vaccines please go to the Coos Health & Wellness website.

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