K-DOCK's 25th Year On the Air!

2020 was our 25th Anniversary! We had so many fun things planned for you to say THANKS for being such great listeners! Unfortunately, COVID-19 came onto the scene and caused massive restrictions on what we could do and how many people we could have at an event. 

We will figure out some way to make it up to you because we appreciate you getting us this far. 

When we started all those years ago, our station was in an old motorhome with barely any equipment. To say the least, we have come a long way baby! 

Thank you for the great memories over the last 25 years! 

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Visit our comprehensive collection of information to get your home and office ready for an earthquake and tsunami. We live just miles away from the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Learn about this geologic location and the immense power it can release. 

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